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Data, impact and action

Sarah Brittle is Backbone Leader at Alice Springs collective impact initiative Strong Kids Strong Centre. Sarah wrote this blog post:

The focus here at Strong Kids Strong Centre is about gathering the local data we know is critical for ensuring Alice Springs is a child-friendly community.

So whereas last year our energy was directed towards building the foundations and setting strategy, we’re now working on the large task of gathering expert and community data.

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Communities of Practice – authentic open learning

We know that creating long lasting social change isn’t easy.

For leaders working in complex and changing circumstances, such as a collective impact initiative, there can be a real sense of isolation. This may seem counterintuitive when collective impact is about working together and moving away from isolated impact, but this work is about thinking and acting differently, and that is often met with resistance.

To support these leaders and connect peers across the country, Opportunity Child initiated three Communities of Practice (CoP).

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How connecting nationally gives ‘permission to share’

We spend our whole working lives in a non-sharing environment but being a part of Opportunity Child provides permission to share and ask.

Connecting Community for Kids backbone leader Jane Miller shared this reflection on the relationships she had formed and connections made since being part of Opportunity Child.

The backbone team of Connecting Community for Kids is based in the communities of Cockburn and Kwinana, Western Australia. The initiative’s aim is for young children in their communities to have the same level of physical,