Social Innovation

Lisa McKenzie

Does having the data really shift power?

Communities are coming together to become more data-driven in decision making. One of our OC communities is Shepparton in Victoria. It is one of the leading places using data to shift power dynamics and to create better outcomes for the whole of community across generations.

Driving the change in community is Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project, a small ‘backbone’ organisation led by Lisa McKenzie. Lighthouse was created in response to community concerns around poor outcomes for young people back in 2014.

child focused shared outcomes framework

Shared outcomes framework

About the shared outcomes framework

The shared outcomes framework is part of Opportunity Child’s ongoing effort to make it easier to measure progress and impact. The framework outlines a range of headline indicators organised by five of the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth’s (ARACY’s) The Nest[1] domains.

In early 2017, Opportunity Child’s impact team reviewed the OC shared outcomes framework and reduced the number of domains to five, removing one that did not directly pertain to child outcomes.