Strong Kids. Strong Centre

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Data, impact and action

Sarah Brittle is Backbone Leader at Alice Springs collective impact initiative Strong Kids Strong Centre. Sarah wrote this blog post:

The focus here at Strong Kids Strong Centre is about gathering the local data we know is critical for ensuring Alice Springs is a child-friendly community.

So whereas last year our energy was directed towards building the foundations and setting strategy, we’re now working on the large task of gathering expert and community data.

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Collective impact in action: involving residents

Alice Springs collective impact backbone leader Sarah Brittle says a newly launched project is capturing the stories of grandparents caring for young grandchildren

True collaborative contribution to national review

Adaptive, agile, a shared responsibility for reaching a common goal…these requirements of successful collaboration were crucial to a recent joint submission to the Productivity Commission…

NT partner communities outline collective impact benefits for Minister

The Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs, Senator Zed Seselja, recently spent time visiting our partner community in the Opportunity Child initiative, the Sanderson Alliance, during a trip to Darwin.

They can be superheroes: Working with communities to enable children’s aspirations

In our collective impact work, we hope to shift the system so all children have a chance to work towards their aspirations, at the same time as TV shows like Cleverman are contributing to a shift in the way First Nations people are represented in popular culture.

Strong Kids, Strong Centre emerging in Alice Springs

Last week, at the Pre-birth to 4 workshop in Alice Springs, (who with the Sanderson Alliance make up the NT Collective, an OC partner community), something special emerged: Strong Kids. Strong Centre.

Taking the time to learn how to work together differently

Our Executive Director, Michelle Lucas, has a deep commitment to collective impact work. She has worked in the collective impact field for more than a decade and recently authored a paper on the subject for the Australian Professional Educator journal.