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Lifting up residents’ voices

Mary Hajistassi is Backbone Leader of South Australia’s Together in the South, an Opportunity Child partner community.

“Here at Together in the South, we’re about action. Action to ensure that every child is safe, healthy, active, ready to learn and engaging positively.

Our steering group made the decision to focus on one strategy in 2018: to increase attendance and ongoing participation in playgroups. This strategic focus is based on data commissioned by community partner Playgroup SA and community consultation.

CEO appointed to Opportunity Child

Dr Dianne Jackson is the new CEO of Opportunity Child

The Opportunity Child partners, along with the ten20 Board, are pleased to announce that Dr Dianne Jackson has accepted the offer of the new role of Chief Executive Officer for Opportunity Child.

Dianne’s starting date is Monday 29 January 2018.

She says being appointed to the role of CEO represents a career highlight which enables Dianne to work alongside many, for the greater good of kids.

OC Connect event report

The OC Connect event report is now available…

3 key insights

OC Connect whets appetite

3 key insights OC Connect revealed, as observed by those present…

Counting down days to OC Connect

Opportunity Child is humming with the energy our communities, core team and our partner agencies are generating.

OC Connect will be held next week and we’re working hard with our team of codesigners from across our national collective, to add the final touches.

guest blog post

Collaboration for community change

In this guest blog post from United Way Australia (UWA), David Lilley, Senior Advisor Community Impact at United Way Australia, shares learnings from UWA collaborative work for community change, including from Opportunity Child partner, The Hive.