CEO appointed to Opportunity Child

Dr Dianne Jackson is the new CEO of Opportunity Child

The Opportunity Child partners, along with the ten20 Board, are pleased to announce that Dr Dianne Jackson has accepted the offer of the new role of Chief Executive Officer for Opportunity Child.

Dianne’s starting date is Monday 29 January 2018.

She says being appointed to the role of CEO represents a career highlight which enables Dianne to work alongside many, for the greater good of kids.

Dianne has been a part of the Opportunity Child journey since it began three years ago. She was then CEO of ARACY, one of the original Opportunity Child partner organisations and contributed to the development of OC in those early days.

“I was CEO of OC founding partner, ARACY, when Opportunity Child was launched, and I am privileged now to bring my passion for early childhood together with all other aspects of my career to lead the organisation,” Dianne says.

She brings a wealth of experience in the research, social and community sectors to the role and has held a number of leadership roles in the child and youth health space such as CEO of Connect Child & Family Services. Most recently Dianne was Director Strategic Collaborations at Charles Sturt University.

OC’s partners and the ten20 Board have made every effort to ensure the leadership changes were as seamless as possible with a transition process that included the interim appointment of David James.

Dianne’s appointment follows on from Opportunity Child founding Executive Director Dr Michelle Lucas who held the leadership role for two and a half years before moving on to focus on the collective impact movement in different social settings nationally and internationally.

“I hold great respect for what has already been achieved by Opportunity Child and the focus it has sustained on collective impact to reduce early childhood vulnerability. It is my strong belief that strategically working better together, lies at the heart of real and lasting change and I look forward to taking the organisation into its next phase,” Dianne says.

Dianne joins Opportunity Child at an exciting time as it moves into its next stage of development in growing and scaling its impact and continuing to support and promote child-focused, place-based collective impact initiatives in communities experiencing entrenched disadvantage and inequity.

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