Collective impact framework testing begins

Opportunity Child Pathway to scale

Leading a collective impact initiative is complex. In recognition of this, Opportunity Child has developed a suite of tools and frameworks for monitoring and evaluation to support practitioners doing this work. The testing phase for one of these frameworks is now underway.


The Pathway to Scale was created in consultation with our community partners. It is a framework that sets the foundations for how we plan, monitor, evaluate, learn and communicate about collaborating to get to outcomes for the one in five developmentally vulnerable children in Australia

Pathway to Scale Collective impact imageThe Pathway to Scale is for leaders to track how you are doing and help you hold all of the complexity. Collective impact leaders must be able to move nimbly to find solutions to questions on how to:

  • share resources;
  • analyse data for decision making;
  • design something genuinely meaningful to your diverse communities.…and at the same time ensure you are growing your leadership, shifting entrenched ways of working and making sure the community is at the centre of all you do so that real change in children’s lives becomes reality.

Where the Opportunity Child National Measurement Framework (recently shared with our communities – more details to come soon) helps measure progress for children, the Pathway to Scale is a strategic decision-making tool that helps measure the progress of your collaboration.

We know this work can be difficult . We can hit roadblocks as fast as we gain traction. There will be wrong turns and backslides. We also know that for great work to happen we have to be disciplined about putting the right foundations in place.

We have shared the Pathway to Scale with Opportunity Child communities and will support leaders as you begin testing the framework.

Download the Pathway to Scale here

If you would like to know more about the Pathway to Scale, contact us

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