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Thank you and Farewell

It is with sadness that we inform you that Opportunity Child will be closing its doors. The last day for the team is expected to be Friday 27 March 2020.

OC has operated under various guises since 2014, initially within Ten20 Foundation and as an organisation independent from Ten20 since October 2018. Opportunity Child was founded on the premise that investment in early childhood development remains one of the best investments that our society can make, and that a national collective of localised efforts, by local people, to direct resources and services significantly increases the effectiveness of these investments. Opportunity Child incubated and supported the growth of place-based early childhood initiatives in communities across Australia initially funded by Ten20 Foundation and the Woodside Development Fund. Opportunity Child was involved in initially supporting six community initiatives and has provided strategic and operational support to more than 15 communities across Australia.

Unfortunately, our ambition to establish Opportunity Child as an independent intermediary, supporting community efforts in early childhood and beyond has not come to pass, through a combination of changing financial circumstances and a challenging fundraising environment. But not through a want of effort on the part of the staff, Board and partners of Opportunity Child, or from a lack of engagement with and from our communities. We sought to tackle these challenges a little differently, as an organisation and as a Board.

We have used the knowledge developed with and by our communities to contribute to local and national best practice in early childhood development, systems change and place-based work. We are privileged to have worked with a wide variety of partners, whether they be funders of initiatives we have supported, other intermediaries we have worked with, service providers within these communities or governments at local, state and federal level across Australia. We are particularly proud of our work developing and successfully delivering ChangeFest with our co-Convenors.

So, whilst it is with sadness and much disappointment that we will not continue our work, we remain confident in the importance of investment in early childhood development and the pivotal role of intermediaries such as Opportunity Child supporting local people in directing investment and resources in their communities. We are proud to have contributed to community efforts to see children thrive and we are confident that our efforts will have a lasting legacy on children and families in those communities. We look forward to this important work being continued in many different ways, all across Australia.

Yours sincerely,


Opportunity Child (ABN 61 628 444 226) is an ACNC registered charity with DGR1 status. 
Mailing address: Level 6, 126 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002