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24 January 2018

Opportunity Child partners and the ten20 Board are pleased to announce that Dr Dianne Jackson has been appointed to the new role of Chief Executive Officer for Opportunity Child ‑ Australia’s only national intermediary in the early childhood development space using a collective impact approach.

Dr Jackson’s starting date is Monday 29 January 2018.

“Taking up the reins in this role represents a career highlight, enabling me to work alongside many, for the greater good of kids,” Dr Jackson said.

Most recently she was Director Strategic Collaborations at Charles Sturt University.

Dr Jackson was a previous CEO of the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY) and Connect Child & Family Services and brings a wealth of experience in the research, social and community sectors to the role.

“I was CEO of Opportunity Child (OC) founding partner ARACY, when OC was launched, and I am privileged now to bring my passion for early childhood together with all other aspects of my career to lead the initiative.

“I hold great respect for what has already been achieved by Opportunity Child and the focus it has sustained on collective impact to reduce early childhood vulnerability. It is my strong belief that strategically working better together lies at the heart of real and lasting change and I look forward to taking the initiative into its next phase.”

Di Jackson quotationten20 Board Chair Richard Miller said, “Dianne was an absolute standout candidate who brings with her the requisite CEO experience and an understanding of the perspectives of our national partners and stakeholders, government and communities.

“With her deep academic and service delivery experience in the early childhood space, Dianne impressed with her keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities for achieving better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable Australian children,” he said.

Opportunity Child has a decade long vision of working in partnership with leading national organisations and communities to improve the outcomes of the one in five developmentally vulnerable children in Australia.

As hosts of Opportunity Child, the ten20 Foundation and Opportunity Child partners welcome  Dr Jackson to her new role.

Dianne Jackson is on LinkedIn

About Opportunity Child

Opportunity Child is a collective of leading partner communities and national organisations working together to change the system that impacts kids.

We use a collective impact approach to align their individual strategies for shared early childhood outcomes, disrupt the status quo and develop new ways to work together towards systems change.

Our bold goal is to improve the lives of the 65,000 five-year-old children who start school each year in Australia with big challenges in learning and life.

The problems these children face are large and complex but we believe not impossible to solve. We know they can’t be solved alone so we work together and champion this as the only way we will achieve change.

Our approach is unique because we use the power of collective impact, led by communities as we drive local and national change together. Together with people, communities and organisations.

We have six partner communities – places where many children are developmentally vulnerable, but where collective impact is already alive and well. These communities are Logan Together in Queensland; Go Goldfields in Victoria; The Hive, Mt Druitt in New South Wales; the NT Collective in the Northern Territory; Connecting Community for Kids in Western Australia and Together in the South in South Australia. We also work with a wider learning network in Australia, where many children are developmentally vulnerable and where collective impact work is growing strongly.

We help leaders and teams that coordinate local collective impact in communities to create the conditions they need to succeed. We have created evaluation and shared measurement tools and frameworks for communities to make evidence-based decisions about how to improve outcomes.

We also work with eight national partner organisations who are leaders in place-based research, service delivery and practice in early childhood in Australia and in funding collective impact initiatives: Australian Red Cross, Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY), Centre for Social Impact, Goodstart Early Learning,  Murdoch Children’s Research Institute,  ten20 Foundation,  Telethon Kids Institute and Woodside Energy.

By going big and working together, we have the power to amplify better outcomes for children so they have access to all the conditions that enable them to thrive and grow into thriving adults.

 About the ten20 Foundation

Opportunity Child is hosted by the ten20 Foundation and the ten20 Board oversees Opportunity Child in a governance capacity. The ten20 Foundation uses a catalytic philanthropy model to enable all Australian children to live happier, more productive lives and to break the cycle of welfare dependency in Australia.

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For further details or to arrange an interview

Contact: Elaine Deayton, Communications Manager, Opportunity Child

Phone: 0438 813 493


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