Shared data + local wisdom: growing the Logan Together movement

Logan Together is a Queensland collective impact initiative. It’s everybody who cares about Logan’s kids and since we were established, we have done a whole lot of growing.

As we grew, we wanted to share the love more and more with our partners and community. So we set out to share the data we were collecting and tap further into local wisdom to build our movement for change for Logan’s children. We embarked on an online journey and I’d like to share three ways we did it.

We created:

  1. An updated website
  2. A brand new website
  3. A new social media channel.

But why?

As we progressed, it became clearer that we needed a better solution for recording all the data we were gathering, projects we were planning, and people we were working with.

Having refined – and re-refined – our Roadmap until it was a true reflection of our broad mission and specific strategies, we wanted to launch it with a splash. The Roadmap identifies what we need to do, so that by 2025 Logan kids will be as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Queensland children.

A new and improved version of our website was just the way to do both these things.

As planning took off, we needed to ask ourselves a few key questions – what were our hopes for this website? What purpose did we want it to serve our partners? We also asked our partners some questions, and they made it clear what they wanted:

All. The. Information.

To work collectively, we need an open source of data, information and ideas – and that’s what this website needed to be.

The main priority for the Logan Together Backbone Team was that the site share all the details of the Roadmap including downloadable and editable data for site visitors to take and use in their work and lots of details of our projects.

It took months of work, rework, brainstorming, thinking, overthinking, rethinking, writing and rewriting, and the result is something positive for all of Logan Together: a hub for all the information our partners need to back their work, to state their case – and to get on with the work of the Logan movement.

Since we launched the site just prior to Christmas, we have vastly increased our average number of website visitors.

Meanwhile, our social marketing brand, The Early Years, also needed a digital presence. As well as a website with downloadable resources, more importantly we wanted to have The Early Years social media presence as a key link to engage with Logan mums and dads.

Logan Together Early Years website snapshot

While the Logan Together Facebook  page speaks to partners in government and the sector, the goal for the Early Years Facebook page was to speak with parents, sharing information, resources and ideas which would resonate with them.

We tapped into local know-how and engaged one of our community empowerment agents to help. Nat Millar has unique reach into the community with the 18,000-strong Facebook group Mums n Bubs Logan that she administers. Nat contributes her insights which inform the sort of content shared on the Early Years Facebook page.

Over the coming 12 months we hope to continually update our website and fill our Facebook page with engaging, useful content that tells the story of our journey, assists with our progress – and, ultimately, improves the lives of Logan’s children. Because that’s what it’s all about.

About the author:

Sharon Worboys is a Communications Specialist at Logan Together, Queensland. Logan Together is one of the seven high potential partner communities Opportunity Child works with, where collective impact is alive and well. Our shared goal is to improve outcomes for the one in five Australian children who start school each year with big challenges in learning and life.

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