Strong Kids, Strong Centre emerging in Alice Springs

Last week, the Pre-birth to 4 collective in Alice Springs, (who with the Sanderson Alliance make up the NT Collective, an Opportunity Child partner community), got together for a two-day community engagement workshop, during which something very special emerged: Strong Kids. Strong Centre.

The workshop was designed as part of the collective’s efforts to reach out to the entire Alice Springs community, building the leaders and custodians of their collective impact work in the community into the future. The PB4 initiative had built a wealth of assets over its three-year history to date. With a new Backbone and with the will to constantly extend and deepen engagement, the days provided a chance to grow the sense of ownership and commitment and to refine individual and collective responsibilities.

skscgroupUsing the combined expertise, knowledge and experience in the room, people used workshop group time over the two days to discuss and plan action around:

  • People’s connection to Alice Springs and its surrounding areas;
  • The local community and how it is changing;
  • The outcomes framework needed to ensure all local children can reach their potential (based, like all of the outcomes we work towards at Opportunity Child, on ARACY’s The Nest® framework for child and youth wellbeing);
  • How to build shared ownership into the community and collective;
  • How to transform shared ownership into action;
  • How to move from measurement of outcomes for kids into shared measurement;
  • How to manage priority services, relationships and facilities;
  • Starting with a manageable area or demonstration site; and
  • Reinforcing that Braitling Primary School, serving the greater Braitling community, would be the demonstration site for the collective’s work.

All of the discussion and alignment that happened over the two days led to agreement that the collective needed to move on from being called Pre-birth to 4 (PB4).

The collective needed a new name that would mobilise and connect everyone into the future. The group created a logo that represented connection, vulnerability and resilience and used it as a starting point to connect to a new name: Strong Kids. Strong Centre.

braitlingBuilding on the previous excellent work of PB4, after this workshop the Strong Kids. Strong Centre. collective now also has a matrix for what shared ownership looks like in their collective work, agreed high level measurements to inform their work, a sense of what their work might look like in terms of priority services, relationships and facilities, and an established early childhood precinct at Braitling Primary School.

According to reports from the day: “Strong Kids. Strong Centre has emerged with individual responsibilities identified by many and a dedication to exploring the best ways for each participant to engage. The commitment of the community in the room was exciting and our work ahead is filled with hope.”

Read the full output document or report from the two-day workshop: Strong Kids. Strong Centre: Working together so that all Alice Springs children thrive, 12+13 May, 2016.

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