Taking the time to learn how to work together differently

Our Executive Director, Michelle Lucas, has a deep commitment to the collective impact approach. She has worked in the collective impact field for more than a decade and recently authored a paper for the Professional Educator journal which focuses on policy, research and practice in education.

In the paper, ‘Social innovation through collective impact’, Michelle explains that the timing is right for a collective response to Indigenous early childhood disadvantage:

“Our Australian context cannot accept the growing gap between our most disadvantaged areas compared with the least disadvantaged areas. Australia needs a courageous, innovative and fresh approach. We need to bring people, communities and organisations together to collectively create a new system that works for our youngest Indigenous people. This work will be demanding and will require the engagement of reflective practitioners and policy makers who are prepared to leave assumptions behind, to interrogate long-held commitments to programs, policies and delivery methods and to work to evidence-based solutions described together. Most importantly, we need to do all of this with the greatest of urgency.”

Read the full paper – ‘Social innovation through collective impact’, Professional Educator, April 2016.

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