Yarn Time with Louisa: Winhanga Durinya

Winhanga Durinya: reflecting, thinking about change (in the Wiradjuri Language)

Who would have thought back then, in ChangeFest 2018, that I would become the Cultural Practice Advisor of Opportunity Child.

And in turn, to have had the opportunities to visit different communities, to learn about them and how inspirational the visits have been in passing on the knowledge for Opportunity Child to have a cultural lens. This helps shift the cultural lens across all initiatives in the OC network. 

I know the importance of having truly good relationships with non-indigenous partners. It is the foundation needed to come together as a collective to disrupt the systems that continue to oppress First Nations people. We can only move forward when the 97% walk with the 3% to bring about change.

ChangeFest 2018. We laid the cultural foundation of breaking the glass ceiling and opened the pathway to start the journey. The journey of a new narrative of cultural dialogue, to take action on the disparity that continues to oppress us.

ChangeFest 2019. We took a deep dive into understanding what our narrative is in an aggregated discourse. We had more First Nations people who were speakers and panellists, even presenting in their First languages. The event was at a Koori venue and we closed the event sitting in circle, honouring local ceremony. We passed on the ChangeFest Message Stick in safe passage to the elders of the next place.

ChangeFest 2020/2021 Northern Territory is going to be amazing!

We have laid the foundation and we have started the journey. It’s now time for action!

It’s time for all of us to stand with First Nations People and support them in action coming out of ChangeFest, and stand in courage to take what these actions may be.

To date, thank you for sharing your culture, stories and wisdom. I look forward to walking together to make more change in the new year, for our children and families to thrive in their community.

Gari Yala (Speak the Truth),

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